Ebox: Redefining Solar Energy to a Whole New Level

Ebox, is a revolutionary solar based energy product that takes energy independence to another level. As the name suggests, Ebox is “energy inside a box.” But don’t be fooled by its simplicity—this is no ordinary solar energy product.

It is a highly sophisticated solar energy harvesting system that combines cutting-edge space and defence technologies with unparalleled convenience. Ebox, an ingenious invention designed from the ground upwards.

Ebox’ paves the way for a future where all households can become entirely self-sufficient and off-grid, powered by truly intelligent energy. Gone are the days of traditional rooftop solar panel systems. A world’s first.

High Efficiency

Leveraging cutting-edge scientific advancements in the field of light technology, we have pioneered a revolutionary approach to capturing, transmitting and processing suns energy.

Ebox is designed to convert more than 75% of the sunlight into electrical energy, this is a major achievement in comparison to the traditional solar panel technologies with average 15% conversion.

With Ebox, we have harnessed the power of cell-by-cell photonics light particle transmission which until now has only been used for developing supercomputers with Quantum Photonics and in space to generate electricity to power satellites and low light situations.

Innovative. Re-Engineered.

The Scientists at Energy Finders have Re-Engineered solar energy application from traditional outdated systems to the next industry standard, Portable, Scalable, Intelligent and future proof, this is great news for manufacturers of solar products, Energy Providers and importantly consumers.

This new novel design enables portable off grid units generating concentrated electricity from solar cells built inside Ebox. Gone are the days of bulky, expensive solar panels on your roof. Ebox reimagines the concept of solar energy by offering a sleek, smart, and efficient solution that can be placed anywhere in your home, garage, or garden.

Solar Farms – Re Engineered

But our vision extends beyond individual homes. At Energy Finders, we are actively designing innovative systems to transform how we repurpose brownfield sites into solar farms, utilizing vertical architecture and incorporating our proprietary Ebox technologies. By doing so, we can maximize energy generation while minimizing the footprint, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for renewable energy production.

How does EBOX work?

It’s simple yet groundbreaking. Small external light collectors, strategically positioned outside your home, collect direct sunlight or ambient daylight. This light is then transmitted into Ebox through quantum photonics light repeaters.

The advanced technology within Ebox then converts sunlight into harvested concentrated energy, allowing you to power your home with clean, renewable energy like never before.

One of the most exciting features of Ebox is its ability to generate surplus electricity. Any excess power generated by the system is seamlessly sent back to the grid, turning your surplus energy into earnings. Say goodbye to monthly energy bills and hello to a rewarding, sustainable future.

Traditional solar panel installations have long been associated with limitations such as high costs, sun directional dependency, and suboptimal light-to-energy conversion rates. Ebox changes the game entirely by introducing a revolutionary architecture comprising three key components.

  • Light Collection: Our small, yet powerful, light collector device is designed to efficiently capture sunlight from any direction. With advanced engineering, we have overcome the limitations of traditional solar panels and harnessed the power of sunlight like never before.
  • Light Transmission: Through cutting-edge smart photonics, we have developed a method to transmit captured sunlight directly into the Ebox. By bypassing the need for roof installations, Ebox maximizes the use of available sunlight and ensures optimal energy generation.
  • Energy Processing: Leveraging space technology, Ebox converts transmitted light into highly energized electrical energy. This groundbreaking process enables us to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, unlocking the full potential of solar power and its ability to sustainably power our world.

Ebox sets itself apart from other energy-harvesting products through years of dedicated research, creative thinking, and the utilization of state-of-the-art scientific advancements. Our mission is twofold: to significantly reduce carbon emissions and to provide affordable electricity to people worldwide.

By embracing Ebox, you contribute to the global effort of combating climate change and transitioning towards a cleaner, greener future. With our innovative technology, we aim to empower individuals, communities, and businesses by offering access to low-cost electricity, regardless of geographical location.


TRL – Technology Readiness Levels

At present, we are actively developing prototypes, a crucial step following the successful development of our components. Our team of experts is working tirelessly to ensure the highest quality and performance standards for Ebox.

Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine the way we produce and consume energy. Be part of the Ebox revolution and help us shape a sustainable tomorrow for generations to come.

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